Thursday 7 July 2016

Overcoming Summer's Heat

Dear Family & Friends

Summer in Bulgaria is hot but if you stay in the is bearable. Inside our house is cool...even though we don't own an airconditioner! Since I like being we hang a recycled net in our tiny little patio area. There - I can enjoy some garden breeze, hear the buzzing bees, without having to endure the presence of FLIES!!

my little corner for this summer

For the moment, the biggest lavender bush is just next to the patio and the buzzing bee noise is just music to my ears as I sit in the patio! Now and again I catch a glimpse of different butterflies stopping by to sniff the flowers too. 

a quiet company of mine in our garden

I'm trying to overcome the misery of intense summer heat here and I want to see and focus the summer goodness instead. Life is the beginning God created everything beautiful and He said 'it is good'...The 'good' still remains despite mankind's rapid growth in self-love, greed and wickedness. (Sorry for groaning again...I just have to stop reading daily news!!)

Today I want to wish you all things 'good' for this week and always be an overcomer:)



  1. Looks like a nice spot to spend some time. The lavender is gorgeous.

    I despise summer--the heat, the humidity, the bugs....BUT---it's also garden time, so I suppose it somehow balances out.

  2. Thank you Annie. I guess each season adds contrasts so we look forward to the future and appreciate the past.....but living in the moment is something I need constant reminders to do, so thank you.

  3. Lovely lavendars :).
    Wish if they could grow very well here in the tropics though.


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