Tuesday 12 July 2016

Trading day by the garden wall

Dear Family & Friends

It's weekday morning, we stumbled on the idea the night before to solve the problem of two fighting roosters...but none of us can solve the dilemma. Then we thought of our faithful neighbour! So off we popped our head across the wall to our neighbour's garden. Husband and wife were out early with their garden task. Upon hearing us, they dropped everything and sorted our cockerel for the freezer.

We do have gates...but to see neighbours, we use this garden wall ...
We couldn't ask for better neighbour than this. They never expect anything back from us for any kindness...but since they love our homemade bread, we got one ready for them. They really think it is a special 'English' bread. The truth is: it's just a simple bread machine loaf.... but it is always nice to see smiles from their faces whenever freshly baked bread is passed over the garden wall.

Beyond this wall.. is our neighbour's garden
A few minutes later, a voice was calling us over to the wall again.... This time, our neighbour is passing us a big bag of their just harvested potatoes. The garden wall between us was indeed a busy trading place that day.

enough cucumber and tomato harvest - for the usual summer salad fare

By midday, all trading were completed. As for us, nothing more simple and satisfying for lunch... our fresh potato gift of the year turned into Kartofellsalat (German potato salad)! Always a great hit in our house...and paired with quick to cook Wurst (German sausage) too! No Sauerkraut but we had cucumber and tomato salad from the garden instead. Everyone was filled and felt happy:)

I wish you a good week as always...and nice, kind loving people to surround you too:)



  1. It´s fun to have a garden wall as trading place and even better to have good neigbors. I think you were very glad to get the thing with the roosters done by them, I should not be able to do that too.
    Have a nice week in and around your garden!

    1. Janneka, I can only deal with quiet plants - sowing and harvesting - not a problem, but not so with living creatures - it's too much stress for this little heart.... glad we have neighbours who have strong stamina??
      Wishing you a good gardening week too:)

  2. I don't know what's better-a garden wall or great neighbors! Sounds so nice. You are indeed fortunate.

    1. Sue...neighbours are great here.The wall between us is solid and tall. We have to have a chair to climb on to - to do the trading deals. We sometimes find a 10 pence left by neighbour on top of that wall...which means, he wants us to get him a newspaper when we head to town to do our shopping. If he sees a newspaper on that wall section - it's time for him to catch up stories with the outside world:) That wall brings joy:) Wishing you a joyful day today!

  3. Good neighbours can really make a place. We really value ours here and it made it feel like home so much fast as they made us so welcome.

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  5. Hi Annie, I like the way you did trading with your neighbour over the wall. It is a blessing to have good neighbour. I and my neighbour also did our trading over the wall. I have to tip toed to hand over the items.

  6. I'm always happy to swap fresh home-baked bread.
    I'm not very good at baking unfortunately.
    Your neighbours is really lucky to have you as a neighbour.


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