Saturday 20 August 2016

Live at peace with everyone

Dear Family & Friends

Last week, the contract agreement for our tiny city apartment to be handed to us expired. Legally, we can get our agreed monetary compensation from the owner for failure to meet the's half the price of the apartment. That would be easy money...but, we rather not fight for it. After all, we intend to use the apartment from time to time...and the property owner, as well as the property developer, are also taking some quarters for themselves in the same building. If we are going be neighbours, we better live in peace with each other.

Car parking spaces at the back of the apartment have yet to be done 

Although we are a bit disappointed that we cannot be there at the agreed time...yet, we are not in a hurry for it...except that we told our visiting friends to use it on their visit in October. Perhaps we still got the time to get it all ready for them. For the meantime, another meeting with the property owner and the developer to sort out another short extension time is set.

The side entrance to the apartment building is still in working progress

Life is not always straight forward...there's bumps along the way...but we must get on. Sometimes patience and wisdom is required.

Work at the apartment complex seems to be rather slow, although rails on balcony is now on.

Back in our home garden, with the very hot and dry week, incessant watering is required!! The soil is turning into cement...I constantly try mulching them with my chop n drop method...but even our weeds are refusing to grow as they require water too! Building our mulch is the way to go but we have to find more resource...another trial along the way! We got promises of T-storm ( in fact a few couple of them this week)... but the rain seem to always evade our village, while places just 5 minutes away from us get the torrent! All the time!! What can I say??!! That's part of life...we all get it in many different ways!!

I still rejoice despite of the petty least I survived from choking on a piece of apple this week!! Most important, my little family are happy and healthy...and the girls are diligent in all their ways as always:) Yes! I got it all sorted! Hope you see and get all things bright in your way too.



  1. Wow-looks like that's going to be a beautiful building, once they get it done. You're very understanding about the delays and good point about being neighbors with the owner and developer.
    Have a good week--I hope you get your much needed rain.

  2. Beautiful building. Yes, it's kinda hard to ask for compensation if you are to be neighbours.

    On the bright side...well. at least they take time to make sure everything is perfect before hand over to you

  3. The building looks beautiful.. hope everything will be fine very soon...

    I'm folioing you.. will you please follow me back?

    1. I've checked your blog...interesting reads...follow you? why not:)

  4. Great apartment! I hope everything will be ready in time for your friend. Sometimes, it is better to have good neighbours than getting a big compensation. You are very kind and thoughtful.

  5. Annie, this is lovely advice. You are so patient and beautiful-hearted. I'm sure your future neighbours appreciate your kindness.


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