Thursday 25 August 2016


Dear Family & Friends

We have typical summer with constant sunshine... and that makes my garden so thirsty everyday!!  I'm literally like a madwoman whose hands seems to be attached to a garden hose 24/7!! It's a never ending chore...but I must admit that after watering the garden, everything cools down...microclimate - that's what my daughter told me! At least, inside our four wall domain!

temperature within is slightly cooler than past this wall out onto the street
Hot days of summer makes my brain sluggish...just on constant sleep mode - not complete shut down at least! Everyday meal planning seems a struggle. It's good that my little family are very patient with me all the time! OH JOY!

cooking a quick pancake meal again...

For this week, I fed them nothing but my pancake invention (a couple of times in a week!!)...just altering what I put in it! Most of the time veggie mix like grated carrots, grated zuchinni, chopped up chives, chopped up purslane...whatever I get out of our garden that day!

one big pancake instead of the usual little burger size

Mixing everything with egg savoury pancake batter...and by using Kefir instead of gives a soft texture with cheesy taste. Another lazy trick of mine is to pan fry it as one big pancake - like doing a tortilla. That way, it's faster and I don't need to endure the heat from cooking longer than necessary. Once cooked, cut in wedges and eat with cucumber or tomato salad! No one complains..My JOY!

Sid with our garden tortoise - who loves the summer heat

Out in our garden, this mascot called 'sid' is playing around. We got him free from Lidl after spending 100 euros of shopping spree! None of us are of toddler age...but we were so excited to collect stickers for every 10 euros hope that we could get a little free toy!...and we did! (actually, the kind cashier cheated and gave us extra 3 stickers just to help complete our goal LOL) Our JOY! 

Sid talking to the rooster?

Now that we got Sid home with us....he just have to have his photo shoot with our garden friends...our teenage girls' fun time activity - that is!! Their JOY!

Building and rebuilding of the wall

Since there's a delay in the completion of our city apartment, focus on DIY works at home is done instead. The outside wall is constantly polished and repolished to a perfect look. Someone in our family just seem to love the rebuilding of the wall activity...I thought it all looks good and finished! But day after day...whenever he got the time...he's out there tinkering this and that again ...his JOY!

Yes, count it all JOY, even when summer heat brings headaches and sleepless nights! Then, start all over again tomorrow. After all, summer is just but a season. Hope you are enjoying your day today with JOY too!



  1. I just love that "pancake" idea. I would have never thought of using garden veggies like that--I thank you for that. Sounds perfect on those hot summer days.
    Your place looks so tidy and lovely. Just adorable!

    1. Sue, I'm glad I managed to impart the pancake idea to someone else:) I'm sure you won't offer it on a daily (almost daily) basis like me, but it is definitely a quick easy meal. Enjoy summer while it is still here:)

  2. love the pop of red over the top of the wall with those flowers. It all looks so tidy. Sid is fab.

    1. Never thought a free toy like Sid would bring so much joy:) But we have to let him go to one proper little village child soon, who would love him even more!

  3. I love your pancake idea because I love chopped chives with chopped shrimp pancake. It will be my joy to eat it often but not so with hubby. Lol! Last few days have been raining for us here and hope the weather will cool down for a while.

    1. Nancy, before it rains, the air is so humid and unbearable...but as soon as the cloud pours down it's water....Wah!! happiness! Got to share the joy of a frog!! Glad you got the rain to cool Malaysia:)


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