Monday 28 November 2016

Autumn fruit trees planting

Dear Family & Friends

So far, we have forty or so fruit trees already planted in our garden. But I thought I would still need around 6 more trees to fill up the mini orchard that I'm establishing. We dropped by the garden shop and brought home more fruit trees to join in the garden...probably after this, our garden won't and can't take more anymore!

Positioning the tree:  We're told to face the graft point facing 'south'

Fruit trees are good investment. Once established, they will bear fruits for years to come, with minimal care requirements. And who doesn't love fruits?  Fruits are good food!

It's good to add compost for a healthy start

Here's the five trees we planted this season:
  1. Got another almond nut tree for a second tree. The first one is still OK but after 3 years, it is not really growing fast! So we need a back up.
  2. A honey pear tree. The Sales lady went into detailed explanation on how sweet like honey the fruit is..and harvest time is later than other pear varieties. So I was sold out on that!
  3. A pomagranate tree. This one cost only 4 euros...I paid 8 euros for the same tree two years ago, unfortunately it died on, I want to have another go...after all, it's cheaper this time! Although all other fruit trees are priced for 2.50 euros only:)
  4. A mystery tree. It looks like longish red fruit in clusters on the picture. I couldn't get the translated name in English. The sales lady said it's good for compote or as fruit juice. Sold again!
  5. Persimmon. I've been looking for this fruit tree for years. Finally we found one! 

Planting fruit trees is a very satisfying job

Now that these trees are planted...we hope that by spring time, we will start seeing new shoots. In about three years, if not earlier, they would start bearing fruits for us to eat. Fruit trees take time to give the return, so it's good to plant them as soon as possible.

Another autumn gardening chore is done....but there's more for us to do. 

Wishing you a happy gardening day too:)



  1. That sounds like a really fine selection for your orchard. Happy Eating!

  2. I live planting fruit trees and imagining all the future fruit I'm going to eat! I've got quite a few to sell this year so I need to get on and dig them up.

    1. Best of luck for your business Kev:) I believe every garden should have at least a fruit's great start for a beginner!

  3. It's so nice to have ample space to plant so many fruit trees

  4. I fully agree to having fruit trees in your garden. I only have a short narrow piece of land at the side and I am considering one or two small trees. Haven't committed yet but once committed, the other flowering plants will have to go due to lack of space.

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