Sunday 18 December 2016

A visit to a Permaculture Garden

Dear Family & Friends

One cold autumn's day, we got the opportunity to visit a permaculture garden open day event. We are very keen on this gardening method because it's more natural to do so. 

sharing and learning from each other

I read and watched so many videos to guide me along, but this is my first time to actually see a garden demonstration with other like-minded people. 

a pond to encourage a balance garden system

My fear of putting a pond in our garden is reassured. I wanted a pond to give home to frogs so they can eat the pest such as slugs and snails...on the other hand, I don't want to make a habitat for mosquitoes. I've learned that if you make a proper pond specifically to home the mosquitoes will survive either! So... a natural pond building project is on my garden wish list now.

never leave soil exposed to wind and sun...mulch and let plants grow as cover

I'm not really attracted to a clean manicured garden. It's lovely to look at...but it is a lot of work to maintain. I just can't see the logic behind it and it's too much for me. To see veggies and flowers growing together in random to benefit each other is more appealing! Basically, it draws beneficial insects to take care of the garden pest and diseases. Soil is enriched which means our food is much more nutricious in it's content work por moi:)

mounting soil to create beds and trenches to hold water next to it

I've seen swales and mounted garden beds in demonstration. It's all makes sense and I really have to focus on implementing this as we have very dry garden. Mulching is a key issue. I want to direct my work energy in a more efficient way when gardening.

recycling what you have to use in the garden...forget about buying garden furniture

There's also the importance of understanding how some trees and shrubs can improve soil and retain moisture. In a forest, everything grows by itself in a rich and abundant way, with no human help nor intervention. No chemical fertilizers nor spray needed!

free leave mulches falling from existing trees - nature's beauty

Putting a lot of mulch in the garden is only a good thing for water retention and soil nutrients. So...don't sweep the garden's not necessary. Our soil is supposed to be dirty...that's why we also refer or call it 'dirt'.

propagating herbs to fill up one's garden is a good, cheap, and easy option

Working with nature is easier...I need to be wise and work is not about slavery. Keeping things simple is best for us. To solve my thirsty garden situation for next year, I started making swales while the ground was soft. All that digging kept me real warm on a very cold day but I didn't managed to finish all that I intent to do. It was time to have a break. The old body is going to groan badly tonight but tomorrow is coming with another sunny day to carry on.

All for today.. hope you have a good day too.



  1. Very interesting, Annie. I love touring gardens-we can learn so much from others. Thanks for "taking us along"--looks like a wonderful place.

  2. very nice post.. I love the little pond..


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