Friday 23 December 2016

Our winter weekend break at the base of the Pirin mountains

Dear Family & Friends

Our CEO at home has been treating us with a few weekend family trips! He finds the short weekend family holiday more fun and relaxing...and we three ladies couldn't fault it either! It's only a good knits the family together with much contentment in life. It's always good to work together and play together too! 

A good breakfast and dinnerbuffet choice on offer

Living in Bulgaria is a great advantage for us. It's reasonably cheap and there are so many beautiful places to go, plus, we get exceptional weather...a proper summer, autumn, winter and crazy surprises. Easy trips to seasonal sea or mountain trips to choose from. Otherwise, the daily village scene is also good.

salad buffet

For this winter weekend break, we went to a four star mountain resort hotel. It was more of an eating holiday. We were provided with a buffet breakfast and buffet dinner too! The choices on offer were good! We always try to avoid the holiday crowd by going at the earliest or latest possible part of the season, but in this case, we were caught up with early holiday makers already!

selection of  meat buffet

Even though the mountains are not ready for the skiers - just yet, the hotel was fully booked. Besides the food buffets...the hotel have indoor pool facilities, sauna, spa, that's enough to entertain us if we were not busy with eating!!

pasta, rice, potatoes - carbohydrate food buffet section

For our family of four...we got an apartment hotel accommodation. a big one! With three double bedrooms, three balconies, a kitchen with oven and washing machine, a laundry room, a dining room, lounge, and two toilets- with a bath and shower! The apartment is on two floor levels!

just one of the 3 bedrooms we got

Nope, we did not splash wouldn't be as much fun if we did. You know a 'value for money' always adds extra joy. This one certainly did. For all inclusive breakfast and dinner buffet food, facilities and accommodation, it was just 20 euros per person!

and another one with a balcony facing the tall mountain view

The best thing was we all enjoyed our time together. Our little family always enjoy each other's company...we're mostly united and in agreement with everything we do. Having a short weekend holiday is also very's not too indulging that will lead to boredom...but just enough to have a little break to get ready for another week to come.

I was caught relaxing in the lounge with my feet up!!

Saying that, I think our super kind, loving and generous CEO is going to put us all to work next weekend...I just hope that it's not going to be too cold to do our given task. I'll let you know about that later too;P

Hope you have a good family time too. Stay united with your family unit... for there's nothing else better than that:)



  1. Oh Annie what fabulous food they had there. and it looks like really large accomodation.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity, to say that your blog has been a real joy this year. I have enjoyed your entries immensely, especially the gardening posts and the pictures of Bulgaria and your surrounding area.

    Beaming you wishes for a lovely Christmas and an amazing new year!

  2. So many yummy food... I'm drooling...

    Merry Christmas!

  3. You all deserve a wonderful holiday after all the hard work! Love all the yummy and delicious looking food! Merry Christmas & Happy new year to you and family!

  4. Hi Annie, Merry Christmas to you and family. The spread look awesome. Great vacation.

    Warmest regards,


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