Wednesday 11 January 2017

Mountain Holiday in Bulgaria

Dear Family  friends

A mountain holiday is ideal for the winter, specially attractive to skiers but it's also nice to go in the summer to cool down. Recently we visited Bansko, a popular ski resort area. I find it very tourist-y, with too many hotels and restaurants...but then you have more choices to pick for your stay.

Pirin Mountain Area

We walked to an old town. Since the area is now a holiday destination, old residential houses are turning into bed and breakfast business or souvenir shops.

water channel all the way from the mountain top

Water ways ran through the town, flowing from the mountain vicinity.

old bulgarian house

There's a few really old traditional houses with their architectural beauty ... the way they used to style them in by-gone days. 

painting souvenirs

This old town is a no car zone area. The old path is paved with uneven stones. I can imagine how the donkey/horse and cart wobbles through it all. Now, many shoe prints goes up and down these alley ways.

clay pot souvenir shop

Traditional clay pots all very ornate and very attractively displayed in most souvenir shops. Perhaps the colour is too bright to match the home kitchen. Every time I wish I could take one back home with me. but I never do.

We had lots of snow since our visit to this mountain area...I suppose at this time, it's even more busier with people coming to enjoy winter sports.

We had our share of winter now, we're happy to just enjoy and stay at home on cold winter season. Hope you keep safe, comfortable and happy too:)



  1. I just love old houses--that building is marvelous--such details! What a lovely place to visit.
    I don't like "tourist" places either, but unfortunately, they're often "touristy" because they have the neat stuff.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love the old house.. it is so attractive.. I would love to stay there .. :)

  3. This place looks like a great place for a holiday. I love the mountain view and walking through the old town looking at all the old houses. The souvenir shops look very interesting.

  4. What a beautiful building. I love pretty crockery. Happy new year! Hope you are well.

  5. Hi Annie, I tried that blog that you left the www address for on my comments. I am unable to access it as it is invite only?

    1. so apologies because I'm not very good with all technologies, I didn't know there's settings to do:( But it's on now:)


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