Monday, 16 January 2017

Birthday wishes do come true

Dear Family & Friends

Sometime ago I had my birthday wishes come true. Every happy occasion is a great excuse to unite our family even more. Perhaps it's a good excuse to go out for a family meal...but with the ongoing winter deep freeze and temperature that hovers around minus 15C,  plus the  thick snow was wise that we stay home where it is safer and warm.

snow drift on roads as we experience deep freeze

For me, a birthday cake is enough to qualify 'party time'.So,  I went and purchased a very special Italian handmade cake a day ahead. And for the birthday plan was just to have a bowl of steamed rice with egg omelet and stir fried broccoli. It's what I wanted and nothing else...except for birthday cake dessert. We're all happy about that.

the best convinient birthday cake
On 'the day', I started the day with my usual cup of coffee...but my little girl insist that I have to have her special breakfast: bread toast with peanut butter....simply because it was my birthday.

nothing better than this:)

By lunch time, my two girls kept on reminding themselves that they mustn't make mummy do any work. Between the two of them, they took on my very simple lunch meal plan and added extra special twist. They were so happy and excited to turn it into egg/avocado sushi roll instead. We ran out of wasabi...and they used lemon grass paste with mayonnaise instead. I was so proud of my girls. They were creative in their ways and most of all, they just want their mummy to have the best of a happy day. We all enjoyed our very simple meal by the log fire. It was truly good:)

my most precious birthday gift - don't you think I look so cool?

After we had the very special birthday cake, everyone looked so satisfied and very happy....Then, my little girl came to hand me a painting she secretly worked so hard the past days. It was a picture of me!!...a very beautiful one too! was so special. I can't stop admiring the best gift there is in the world!

The love I receive from this little family overwhelms me. I am very very blessed in life indeed. Birthday wishes do come true. God is so good to me:)



  1. Happy Birthday Annie! I am so pleased to read that you had such a lovely day. Your girls were really inventive with the lemon grass and mayo. Confident cooks and excellent sushi rollers! extremely tidy job!

    That picture is lovely, please frame it. Daughters really are a true gift arent they

  2. Happy birthday Annie.. and your birthday gift is nothing but very very special... paining is so lovely..

  3. Happy Birthday, Annie. It was the best birthday that anyone could ask for. To be pampered by your girls on your special day. Beautiful painting of you by your little girl. You are so blessed!


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