Sunday 29 January 2017

Winter tour from our village home

Dear Family & Friends

White is the colour for this very moment. It's bright and very beautiful too! In Bulgaria, we enjoy a perfect well balanced season throughout the year - extremely cold winter and very hot summers, of course there's the half year of perfect spring and autumn in between too. No, we have no right to complain whatsoever:)

Let me share with you what's around our village scene for the moment. This! 

our village scene winter 2017

In a tiny village of just about 500 inhabitants or less? , our village roads are all very safe to use even when we get thick cover of snow. There's a faithful old little tractor, ever ready to clean the streets, so we can enjoy a winter walk around the village. Amazing...the fact that we pay only a total annual property tax of 10 Euros which includes this service! I think it's a 'little rich village life' we have here:)

old reliable little tractor faithful clearing up the snow in our little village roads

Just around the corner from our house, is our little village centre. It looks extra pretty with all whites surrounding the brightly coloured public hall.

our village centre landmark looks fantastic

Perhaps I have mentioned this before: although our winter can be so cold, yet it's almost always very bright with sunshine - as always.

sun shining winter days

With all the snow we get during the winter season, the secenery in our garden change immensely...or should I say, we simply lost the entire garden by the look of it!

footprints on the snow

Our neighbour's kitty cats still constantly visit our garden on their daily rounds... you can see the evidence of their footprints.

our garden barn got decorated with pretty white covering too

In my opinion, our rustic looking garden barn always looks pretty whatever the season is.

snow covered sleeping fruit trees

Most of our fruits trees are iced with snow...they might not be aware how beautiful they look right now, because they are hibernating at this time....Talking about hibernating, we often wonder where our little tortoise went for his hibernation....thus, no photos of that. He's probably buried in the snow!

an outside igloo for our chickens

As for our chickens...well, they have their solid wall quarters to stay in, but we specially built an extra tunnel structure outside their pen because it catches the winter sun and is well covered with wind proof plastic for them to feel warmer during the day.

peeping at our neighbour's house from the wall

Just for interest and curiosity, my daughter couldn't resist propping herself up on top of a chair by the property wall to get a glimpsed of what it looks like over the fence to our neighbour's house. All seems well:)

despite  the cold, our heart is warm inside our home

Well, this is the winter tour in our village home. As you can see, our little entrance gate - with my homemade <3 hanged on it, it still says it all. Cold it might be, but we are all well and happy within this home.

Hope you are keeping warm and most important - happy where you are too:)



  1. What a pretty tour. Your village looks and sounds like a wonderful place to make a home!

  2. Yes, you may have a small village but it is rich in so many things. I wouldn't mind being your neighbour. It is a wonderful place to call home and family with the village people. The snowy pictures are beautiful!

  3. Hello Annie, it's lovely to meet you.
    I loved looking through your post and seeing where you live. You certainly cherish your home and family and that is really nice. I love the heart on your door.
    The village centre is pretty and with around 500 inhabitants it would be a happy place in which everyone would know nearly everyone else I'd imagine.
    That's a good idea having the sunshine tunnel for your chickens! They would appreciate it.
    I agree, your garden barn looks very nice and sturdy and charming with it's frosting of snow.
    Thank you for visiting me, I look forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Cheerio for now, Sue :D)


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