Tuesday 24 January 2017

Our ski resort holiday - Borovets, Bulgaria

Dear Family & Friends

Our big boss motivates us to work hard, yet he always balances it with some fun too. This time he took us to a ski-resort weekend break. We don't remember the hardwork we do but the family holidays linger on with us for a long long time.

Our winter palace hotel accommodation

Although no one is keen on skiing, yet we found ourselves in a 5 star ski resort hotel for the  weekend gourmet treat.

all inclusive of  buffet dinner, buffet breakfast and all afternoon snacks

Our holiday package includes buffet breakfast, an all afternoon snack, and dinner buffet as well. Not for the faint hearted! It's more of an eating holiday attraction for us!! Don't worry, with all the work we do during the week, plus the winter coldness we experience here...additional calorie intake is helpful to keep us warm:)

more food...we didn't mind...it's our eating holiday 

The food selection were good... some of them we can't find in our home kitchen! Like...having caviar for breakfast!! 

Although we didn't join in the skiing activity, yet we throughly enjoyed the hotel indoor facilities: heated swimming pool, sauna - a Turkish sauna or a Russian sauna choices, cold bucket shower room, heated bench with cold foot bath etc.......all to ourselves!! We were spoiled rotten... just for our family because everyone else is out skiing!!

ski area just by our hotel doorstep!

I must say it's all good fun out there in the snow too. People going up and down on ski lift...there's lots of children enrolled with the ski-school...various nationalities just having fun! We watched people skiing from our hotel room till 10 PM! It's dark about 5pm but the area is well equipped with flood lights...although as night closes in...it's definitely freezing cold, down to -10C at least! It amazes me how they can carry on having fun...

an all too perfect day in a ski resort

If you can't align your feet to walk and slide around the snow with those long funny shoe  thingy...well, a choice of  cute dalmatian ponnies for rides are available...less dangerous activity too..right?

ponny ride

or be pulled on a sledge by these cool looking huskies. These dogs must be loving the season's temperature:)

sledge ride with the huskies

The days we were there were just all so perfect! The sun was shining so bright...it was pleasant for our family break!

walking in the winter wonderland

We're very blessed we can avail very good and cheap short breaks in Bulgaria. For this package with a 5 star hotel...it only cost us 25 euros per person...hotel accommodation, use of facilities, all the food we had - all day long too!

I think..unsere gut chef is working out on his never ending next treat for us...but, there a lot of work we have to undertake the coming days...our family work project will have to resume on! We have fun together, we also enjoy working together...it is essential that families stays united:)

Work to keep the family united at all opportunities...for there's nothing more important than that:)



  1. What a bargain. Oh, the food looks magnificent--I would have a hard time choosing.......and not "over" doing it!
    Such a nice holiday. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fab place to go to! the food looks lovely and the building in the first pic WOW

  3. What a wonderful reward for all the hard work done as a family. Your big boss is a very good boss and he chose a great place for holiday. I would love to stay in that hotel too. What a wide selection of good food! I would want to ride on the cute ponies or have the huskies take me for a ride. Have a great holiday!


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