Tuesday 28 March 2017

Happy Spring - a new season

Dear Family & Friends

Driving and dentist are not my favorite 'things' in life!! Somehow the new season seemed to help me overcome this:) My family are very impressed...they forgot that I can even drive a car as it's been a long time. Doing so, I have given my two girls great encouragements too! Our CEO himself is busy and well motivated with a lot of things. Our home is one very busy place. Everyone engrossed with projects and plans. 

New season of Spring in our home

We have been having endless clear blue sky as spring time is here. Everything is waking up...a new start, a new beginning and a new season in life. I'm hoping as I'm writing this, that you find yourself encouraged where you are too.

tree blossoms means fruits are on it's way

With my to and fro exciting dentist trips ... and the never ending sowing and propagating gardening season...it's another day of a very simple meal like: rice with egg omelet, the best I could come up with, but everyone is very happy! It must be the benefits of tons of fresh herbs from our garden that I throw in with the omelet. or perhaps the 'serotonin' in the eggs that contributes to people's mood: making them kind and happy. How true?...I don't know! Egg meal certainly make my life's schedule easy to cope on busy days:)

when you see spring flowers you see new hope

All of the fruit trees and shrubs we planted autumn last year have taken on - showing new shoots and greenery:) It's definitely nothing to do with green fingers... sometimes, these are just seasonal things to do. We just do the best we could and know how to, for it's all under God's control.

my garden friends, even better than the frog prince - they're beautiful:)

People are coming out after a season of winter hibernation (talking more about myself)...even the froggies are out and I'm so happy to see them again. I will make a pond for them this year so they can have a happy home with a swimming pool in our garden:)

staying healthy and having free fun at the same time

Unlike the members of my little family here, I don't do as much exercise - fun exercise like cycling! But I promised myself that I would keep up with that too...got to move this old body!!

Well, that's us here...let's all try to stay positive and motivated in whatsoever is good...hope you do the same too...and have a great day!



  1. What a pretty scene your Spring photos show! It's certainly a wonderful time of year. Tending the garden gives you lots of good exercise Annie, enjoy yourself. Those egg and rice omelettes are always a good standby... we enjoy similar. I bet your hens are having fun outdoors more often now too. Cheers :D)

    1. Sue, it's amazing how a bit of warmth start changing the scenery in the garden overnight. People becomes excited about everything...and even our hens starts giving us eggs once again:) I'm sending you some of our happy sunbeams today:)

  2. I'm with you.. I also hate driving..but everyday I've to drive.. :(.. and the spring pictures are so awesome..

    1. It's odd that I find comfort to hear that I'm not alone in my driving dislike. But really, since I've wrote this post, I've realized it's not as bad as I thought it was..Krishna, it's good that we have the choice to be mobile when needed. Hope you have a nice day today:)

  3. Hi Annie--back from vacation and ready to "pester you" again.
    I just LOVED the photo of your home and the blossoms. Lovely!
    I don't much care to drive and only do it once in a great while when hubby is busy with other things and I have an appt.

    Hope you have a wonderful Spring in the garden. I know I'm sure looking forward to getting out and started....but we are still very cold and dreary.

    1. Hey Sue...glad you're back:) I was wondering where you've been but good to know you had a good break before gardening day arrives...it won't be long now:) Pestering me with kind and encouraging words is a good thing! Sending you good wishes for the day:)


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