Friday 24 March 2017

Few Steps for a better garden ecology

Dear Family & Friends

Over the last few years, I have become more aware that as I grow older, it's inevitable and a fact of life that one moves on for the next generation. The children will inherit what the prior generation leaves. There's more to think of, than ourselves. What we make of our environment now will be passed on to the next.

autumn was the best time to gather leaves to mulch the entire garden

I definitely can't change the whole world but I could start within my own little piece of world - my home-my garden. My goal is to pay attention to the principles that guides my choice and action for a more sustainable garden for the sake of my children and the next generation.

 we built some trenches as part of our design to help our garden soil retain moisture.

In my piece of garden...
  • There is no digging or plowing, for it merely damages the soil community and structure. Anyway, who needs extra work when it is not necessary?
  • Every roots in the ground will be left there except for the ones that we eat, like carrots, potatoes etc.... As plant activity changes, the composition of soil community will change. The roots will decay in place, decaying is part of a living cycle.It will leave nutrients for other new living roots, and will create a passageway deep into the soil for air and water.
  • Return unused produce (kitchen waste) to the is very essential to provide food to our garden ecology. When we take, we also must give.
healthy soil community is so important

Just a few simple ways that I want to put into practice for our garden at this time. It's definitely not much to implement but it is enough for now, and I must start!

Spring is here. Have a happy gardening day.



  1. I am looking forward to your spring photos and the leaves back on your fruit trees. I too try to return as much as I took from the plants into the soil. Have a good day!

  2. The three little things you have mentioned , those are really, really very important..

  3. Hello Annie, you have wonderful gardening ethics. We also believe in returning something back to the soil. We do it via our compost and composting worms. So many people in the world, so many different ideas to enjoy!
    It's lovely to see your home and your garden.

  4. Good that you enjoy gardening. yes, reused the kitchen scraps. Do compost . Get a few worms to help out with the garden. Vermicast is good fertiliser


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