Friday 17 March 2017

Indoor birthday picnic

Dear Family & Friends

My little girl turned fifteen! I said: 'Let's have party'...and she said: 'Mummy I just want your home cooked spaghetti'. So, on this Saturday, after she finished her weekend morning teaching job, we head off to our little apartment in the city to have a birthday picnic:) The plan was to have fun birthday celebration and a little bit of weekend work in the apartment at the same time.

the teenager with her French language self-study

We are homey bunch and prefers to have fun in our own home where we can take all the time to enjoy ourselves. So, for this little party, it was all made easy. We just bought a bucket of deep fried chicken, bought a selection/assortment of mediterrenean salad...and made some local yogurt drink:) plus my home cooked spaghetti which we packed with us. I tell you it was the best party ever! We were all filled with contentment:) There's nothing better than a family who finds joy in the simple things of life!!

deep fried chicken, assortment of anti-pasti salad, a quinao salad, homecooked spaghetti in tomato sauce, yogurt drink

We ate till we couldn't move....that our usual Saturday decorating work was put to the side for that day. Instead, we made further work plans for the following week. As for the preparation, we also managed to go shopping for the next job's materials that we would be needing. It's really a great blessings to have flexible family that are united and in agreement:)

tiramisu as the  birthday cake:)

By the end of that day, we head back home to our quiet village after a hectic running around the city....and had a tiramisu birthday cake as the finale of the day.

That was how we celebrated a teenage girl's 15th birthday:) All fun!

Life is good and I also hope you have a good day today:)


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  1. Wish her a very very happy birthday.. god bless her.. XOXO


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