Monday 20 March 2017

A Milestone- time to move onto the bathroom

Dear Family & Friends

Whilst Monday to Friday is a very routine day, with each one of us occupied with either working for a living, running a home, or completing our education requirements - all these done from within our home. Comes Saturday, we set out Hi-ho... hi-hoing to our city apartment to carry on  with our family DIY interior decorating project. Thus, on Sundays, we are grateful that our wise God gave us a mandate that we have to have a rest day too:)

lighting shopping day

Being Saturday, my little girl normally have language teaching at home, but since her student got an engagement, it was canceled. So, she and I managed to join in the family project team.

we don't own a palace to accommodate this grand chandelier...

Now that we have already finished the ceiling works, we have to start thinking about the lighting features. Thus, we visited a large lighting retail shop. The choices are many. We have in mind to hang a small we went to look out for a suitable one.

this small chandelier might fit in...

It has to be quite small as our apartment is only tiny, but we want to add some elegance - for interest, to compensate the size. I think an interesting feature will do the job. So far, we have found one lighting that we might go for. The lighting for the hallway, bedroom and bathroom have yet to be consider..sometimes all these decisions to make can be too much for the old brain...but we will get there slowly.

a sample of the floor tile design for the bathroom:)

Next shopping stop was to a bathroom tiles outlet. Again there's so many beautiful choices. Tiles made in Italy are the most expensive choice, those from Spain comes next in ranking. The Turkish tiles are more commonly sold as they are the cheapest in the market. 

Turkey got some very good tile designs in their historic buildings, from historic times, so I thought of looking at their tiles. I was a bit disappointed that the design pattern we wanted came in set of four. Only two of the four were appealing and we are not given the free choice to make:( Just as we were about to leave the shop in despair, we caught another floor tile pattern that really match our idea. I was so happy...even more so, because this one is made in Bulgaria. I would rather patronize a local product. The price was reasonable our shopping day ended with a big dance of joy.

measuring carefully before cutting the floor at a time

The rest of the day was spent in our apartment and we finally finished all the flooring in the main room, hallway and the bedroom. There were a lot of measuring, matching, cutting and fitting, till evening caught up with us again.

piece by piece, and then it was all done!

We just need to finalize it with a skirting board on the edges. Then it's time to move on to the bathroom works.

we forgot that this was the 'before'  photo some months ago....

We easily forget that some weeks ago, the apartment was not all this homey.. Slowly, it's all coming together:)

the room is basically ready with just the skirting board to put around the edges...

It is a challenge for us because we're mere amateur in this field but we are not afraid to give the best of what we could do. Learning as we go, and if we don't have the knowledge...we go find it.

Onward is the direction...and I hope you have a good week ahead to look forward too:)



  1. the chandelier and the tiles you have chosen are so gorgeous..

  2. there is no better feeling than the one you get when you stand back and say to yourself "I did that!". You have been doing my normal shopping. although mine is mostly paint at the moment. I love those tiles I have seen similar in the shop Fired Earth.

  3. When everything is done and put into place, it would be a beautiful home because everyone of you have put in so much love and effort. Looking forward to see the progress.

  4. So well done to you both. Such a great job and, yes, you've made great progress considering it is all done in very short allotments of time.
    I think the bathroom tiles are beautiful and will add a warmth and freshness to that room. The chandelier is gorgeous - what a lovely idea.
    Cheerio for now and all the best :D)


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