Thursday, 20 April 2017

Already half way through spring

Dear Family & Friends

One by one our fruit trees displayed their best blooms, and the faithful and hardworking bees pollinates them during their daily visit. There's always a tree full of blossoms in our garden because different fruits displays their blooms on different stages one after another depending on their variety. The last fruit tree in our garden to bloom is the quince tree.

fruit trees blooming one after another

Somewhere under one of those fruit trees, is a pile of chopped and dropped trees branches for composting. Somebody stood and contributed his liquid gold onto the pile of compost to activate it even more, and the unexpected warm shower woke up our tortoise from his 7 months slumber! to the delight of the two girls. they have been wondering where and when he would make his appearance once again. 

Our tortoise finally woke up after 7 months...and very hungry!

The weather is warming a degree higher each seeds are fast germinating in the recycled pots. One by one, I transplant them to their final destination in our vegetable garden where they will continue to grow for our kitchen table.

potted seeds sprouted

Recently I've just gone mad on anchovie little fishes. They cook so fast, rich in calcium and you eat the fish - bones and all! I remember eating them as fritters when I was I went to find this recipe and been making them almost every week!

anchovie fritters

We are half way through our spring season - already! Hope you are all doing well and happy where you are:) Enjoy your day and stay happy - for the best is yet to come:)



  1. It certainly is a lovely time of year. Your seedlings look nice and healthy Annie. I like the sound of those anchovie fritters... it's always good to find another calcium source - so very important. Cheers now :D)

  2. How quickly you've moved through Spring. I'm still waiting, but have started a few things (peas, onions, kale, and spinach) so that's helping.

    Love the tortoise. My , he sure takes a LONG rest!

    And my hubby helps my compost pile as well. Men!--they just love the outdoors-LOL!

    1. You just sent me laughing all throughout my day with your comment:) Oh...I needed that today too:)

  3. I want to try that fish.. I love fish.. but my son doesn't like...:(

  4. It is wonderful to see the garden coming alive with blooms and new growth. Cute tortoise! Anchovies fritters sounds good to me! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Hi Annie, the tortoise look so cute... wow..hibernating so many months. :))
    The anchovies fritters look addictive, we love anchovies too.

    Best regards,


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