Sunday 16 April 2017

Come outside - miracles are waiting everywhere

Dear Family & Friends

Spring time always brings out the beauty in the garden... but it is not just confined in one place. We went exploring in our village and we saw a long procession of caterpillar crossing the road.

moth caterpillars crossing the road enmass

It's fascinating to watch them all linked up together as they walk to their destination. These caterpillars will eventually turn into moth but they could be destructive when a very large numbers of them come and feast on pine trees.

tag along caterpillars

All is peaceful and quiet in our little village. From the top of the hill we see fields that are slowly worked on, for this is the time and season for it.

view of our little village from the hillside

 In our weekend trip to the city, spring also makes people come out more in the open from their apartment dwellings. We saw a group of people enjoying a hot air balloon ride on this warmth day.

hot air balloon ride

Well, we also spotted a pink vintage car on the road...I suppose this is in keeping with the spring time mode:)

Old Russian car still good!

Spring brings another new season...we are still keeping check with our goals whatever the season...always very thankful and contented for life is good in Bulgaria. Hope you are keeping the same outlook. Stay happy for there's nothing better than that:)

And, don't forget to come outside everyday because miracles are waiting everywhere:)



  1. What a pretty village scene, Annie.
    And as for caterpillars, we have ones called "tent" caterpillars and every few years, there is a super big hatch out of them and they completely defoliate the trees. Luckily, they come out pretty early in the year so that the trees have time to recover before winter sets in again.

  2. The hot air balloon is so gorgeous!! those caterpillars are destructive..

  3. lol, so cute to see those caterpillars all lined up... we can enjoy that scene very much :D)
    A lovely view of your town - the snow has definitely gone and everything is different. Thank you for showing that. Cheers!

  4. Spring time is the best time where everything comes alive again. I wouldn't want the caterpillars in my garden. Nice view of your town.

  5. Hi Annie! Love that caterpillar parade! I miss checking in with you. I have a wonderful full-time job now and between that and taking care of my animals I don't have a lot of free time. My best to you and yours!

    1. I've been wondering and waiting for months on new blog post updates to pop up in my favourite reading blog list from you ... missing stories about Doink and company:( But I now feel happy that you are well with a wonderful full-time job. Stay blessed Joan:) Thank you for the visit:)


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