Monday, 24 April 2017

Giving old furniture a new life - Family Teamwork

Dear Family & Friends

Sometime ago, we bought a second hand furniture which fits in perfectly for our apartment kitchen. The size was perfect but the colour is not. We prefer old furniture because they are sturdier than the new ones sold these days. An added bonus for our choice was that: the four pieces of furniture cupboards which is equivalent to eight sections...was only 140 Euros for the lot!

An electric sander makes work easy:)

The restoration project is worked on by our big girl, under the supervision of her father. The furniture has to undergo a lot of sanding as we want to paint it afterwards to fit in our design concept.

but of course, nothing beats the human touch:)

An electric sanding machine is handy, but from time to time, hand power is also need for specific hard to get corners.

working to give an old furniture a new look

We are so blessed with teenagers who are just happy to take responsibilities. Our big girl can't wait to see the finished furniture restoration she's doing. Every step and progress is counted as reward.

the temporary workshop is located in the front garden

The next step after sanding is the painting job. By this time, the furniture gets a new look...just what we wanted and envisioned it to be. 

this is the last step - the painting fun

Section by sectioned has been done and soon it will be a part of our apartment kitchen.

it's all coming together

There's also an armchair that we are working on for the apartment. This week, we finally managed to find sponge material for the seat...and I'm set to finish the cover etc... Not a complicated work and I'm pleased with it. I'll try to share with you the finished work next time.

another fun project - re-upholstering an armchair with new cushion seat

It might sound that there's always a never ending work and project...but working together as a family team is something very rewarding for us. I count this a great blessing:)

the best team project is found in the kitchen area:)

In the little girl is also very happy to spent her time making these time consuming homemade wrap. After training her, she's an expert on these now. I prepare the stir fry veggie fillings, plus the sauce , and she supplies me with the crepe-like wrappers. Another family team work. Then we all enjoy it together afterward:) It always taste good like this...

I hope you enjoy your family circle and maintain unity as always...for there's nothing better than that. Wishing you all a good day:)



  1. Your daughter is doing an amazing job and learning skills at the same time.
    Cam't wait to see the cabinets in place. They're beautiful. What a transformation!
    Have a wonderful week. Hope you get in some quality garden time--lots of sun!

  2. Firstly the wraps look lush. I have recently painted a bed with chalk paint and I am amazed at the result seeing as I slapped the paint on. It would have looked even better if I had taken a little more time over it. It is good for this house. But when we move I will redo it all and it will be stunning. I love the shape of your furniture. Has some interest.

  3. You have amazing daughters.. they so good and responsible.. Big hug for you, and your daughters...

  4. Hi Annie, your daughters are really wonderful, ever ready to learn and help around the house. The wrap look good. Looking forward to see the end result of your furniture and cushion cover.

    Have a nice day, regards.

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