Tuesday 4 April 2017

The gardener and her activities

Dear Family & Friends

I wake up everyday and really believe that I live in the last piece of paradise on earth ;P I just love where we live...more so at this time of the year. It seems perfect: weather wise...and with all the spring blossoms, it's impossible to ignore that we have a Great Designer who created all these:)

Can you see the gardener on her way to work?

Everyday this main gardener is seen walking to and fro in this piece of paradise....for there's just so much sowing, propagation, and planting going on in the garden at the moment. 

pots and trays filled with seeds germination - I'm one very busy gardener LOL

I'm conscious of how my husband works hard to earn money for the family.... and it's just right that I should be wise and thrifty in keeping and maintaining our family garden. It's so easy to get caught spending a lot of money to fill the garden with plants....but that's not really necessary.

another corner where I lined my pots of plant cuttings.

Every year I use our own collected plant seed to replant for the new season. I also do a lot of propagation to multiply more plants to fill the garden without the need to buy some more. Presently, I'm trying my hands on grafting...to have the possibility of multiplying fruit tree varieties too.

our two peach trees are packed with blooms this year...hoping for lots of peaches

With all the successes and failures I go through my garden experiences, slowly our garden is getting established, each year better than the last. In life, I find that we learn faster when we just dive in and do the things we need to do..without worrying how it will fare.

We are all grateful for the work we have and find to do here...it's funny to say that work do bring joy to our lives. Work keeps us going...that goes without saying that we all sleep well too:)

Hope you are all having a great time too!



  1. That first line of your post is the exact reason that I so "connect" with your blog. Another lady that LOVES home and her life. That's me all the way as well. I wake up every day soooo grateful for my garden and hubby and the life I have. It's such a joy to see the garden and hear the birds and just to feel that sunshine. I'm still waiting for that sunshine part-ha ha. Ah well, soon enough.
    Thanks for a great sunshiney post. I love your attitude

  2. "...we learn faster when we just dive in and do the things we need to do..without worrying how it will fare." <-- I love what you said here, Annie. It is so true.

  3. Love seeing all your pots starting off! Your as busy as I am!

  4. It's wonderful to share your love of home, family and garden with you Annie. You're doing such a great job in building on all the plants and trees you propagate. Also, improving the soil.
    Isn't it a great feeling to see plants grow that you've nurtured in pots. Thank you for your lovely posts :D)


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