Saturday 8 April 2017

Colour me beautiful

Dear Family & Friends

With the change of weather, we can't help but enjoy it. We have good intentions of visiting our city apartment each Saturday to do some work, but for the past weeks, no much progress or work done because we're just enjoying our time there!! So, this Saturday, our CEO said he is not taking us 3 ladies with him. He is serious in doing some task on his own!!

colour me beautiful!

Aw??!! Yes, we're banned...but life is still good, days are never ending rays of sunshine. I'm sure sooner or later we will say we have enough...but for the moment, we just got to enjoy what is before us:)

Our garden, the place where I get to admire the Great Designer's handiwork:) Awesome!

No need to go too far, just wander into the garden...there's just so many beautiful and inspirational things to see.

white blossom of the plum tree

Most of the fruit trees are in full bloom - putting out flowers even before their leaves. The whole tree just bursting with hundreds and hundreds of little flowers that smells so fragrant! ...and the buzzing of visiting bees are literally too noisy - but it's a nice noise to my ears:)

blue grape hyacinth

On the ground, buried bulbs are back with their spectacular flowers. They come back every year - roughly at the same time and place. Isn't that amazing! A few bee species visit each and everyone of them too:)

new leaves emerging along with the blossoms

On some fruit trees, as the blossoms are aging a bit, new fresh leaves are emerging ...all leaves shiny and clean:)

blazing red orange

Endless sunbeams, plus cool air...we are blessed with a good measure of after day:) If it is possible to post them to you...I certainly would:)

sunset in our village

If a picture paints a thousand words, then I'll surely paint these things that we see surrounding us:) The old folks that remains in our village knows this secret beauty so well.

the left handed artist at work

We are ever so grateful for all these beauty that surround us too. If we have this good, I really wish you have them too!! - even more...if there's such thing:)

we also call this painting job:)

Some of us paints nice picture paintings, but some of us...also do some serious sort of painting too. I'll share with you on that on my next post...because it's also very good:)

Have a good day and keep rejoicing.



  1. Aren't all those blossoms beautiful. You're much further ahead than us, but I'm just grateful the snow has finally gone and we can see earth again.
    Happy Spring, Enjoy your week

  2. Hello Annie, It makes me so happy to see your gorgeous garden filled with the beautiful flowers and blossoms. What an incredible sunset too! We are all so lucky to take joy in the simplest of things aren't we :D)


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