Sunday, 23 July 2017

Sticky Business

Dear Family & Friends

Every year the plum tree at the end of our garden produces abundance of fruits. We take it for granted and most fruits just falls and liter the ground. Enough waste! I feel it is a shameful thing to do! So, this year, I resolved to do my best. 

a big basket of plums harvested and two courgette were also picked along the way:)

I usually prepare our garden fruits to be frozen for future use. It's the quickest and easiest way for me to do. We use the fruits for dessert or with pancakes during the course of the year. Lately, to make life more efficient, I learned to cook in big batch and freeze meal portions...mainly with meat meals such as stews. It works very well for us and will continue to do so. Our big chest freezer just fills up so quickly with food storage specially at this time of the year when we have all sorts of garden harvest.

sticky business of preserving fruit harvest

Thus, I resolved to do more fruit dehydrating for this year. It's literally a sticky business. I only have a five tier dehydrator and it seem to take forever to accomplish the mount of harvest. Other than that, my other complain is that dehydrating indoor heats up the house too!! Certainly not good in summer!

dehydrating plums on dehydrator

Enough moaning... task must be faced. I have no right to waste food and so I march on with preserving them. after all, it's all for just a season. I am thankful for God's goodness pouring down on us. So far, I have done ten 750 ml bottles filled with dried plums. Plenty snacks for the family to enjoy in the months to come....but I still have more to fact, just half way through that one tree. I can't leave them as time goes's a job that just needs to be done.

In all of these, there's always the joy of  knowing that I can also provide good food for the people around me. Satisfaction for everyone. Hope you are enjoying your day too with whatever task you're on to.



  1. wow!! huge basket of harvest!!

  2. Wow! Annie, you are so blessed with abundant fruits from your garden. The plums looks so fresh. I love plums.

  3. how will you cook with the plums? will you just leave them in water over night or eat them as prunes


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