Sunday, 20 August 2017

A work - life- balance

Dear Family & Friends

It's Sunday, our family weekend rest day! As usual, we have time together to share God's Word, we pray together as a family and we also share practical encouragements and discuss plans for the week to come. For the rest of the day, we have our rest and relaxation time.

It's hamburger weekend in our home:)

We're not really big meat eaters and every vegetarian dish is preferred by most. As we have plenty of time on hand, we decided to do a hamburger day. I'm not so keen on grilling outdoors as flies get excited by it all too! Nah!, it's a once in a while thing that we do here.

Most of us enjoyed this casual food...but I still prefer my veggie with rice!

Having a relaxing day as a family even just once a week is vital and fun for unity. Mind you, our family is always together...not a bad thing because we do enjoy each other's company.

a before photo of the apartment toilet that's been worked on for months on end

Yesterday, being Saturday, we were all out in our city apartment. Each one doing his/her share of job. I've been blogging about this project and up to now, we're still working on it. Not a big project, but we try not to be stressed about it....we work according to what we can do. As we always say: we're almost there!

an after photo, as of yesterday...Almost there. Just need grouting and fixing in new sanitary fixtures

There's always some sort of project that keeps us going. When the apartment is finished...we think there's the village home kitchen rennovation to do next... it needs one. Then, perhaps work on the idea of putting a front porch, etc.... yikes, our list could go on and on! Again, we will take things as it comes...afterall, it's just a project to keep us going in life:)

a white subway wall tile and a mediterrenean design floor tile, all yet to be grouted'll be nice:)

Week by week... work is important for us. It's part of our life. We are called to work... if we are to eat, we have to work. Remember that work is also fun:) Have a happy week!


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