Thursday 24 August 2017

mother & daughter wrap invention

Dear Family & Friends

My little girl and I are very good kitchen partners. I don't enjoy long drone out process of preparing meals but she doesn't mind. I don't enjoy cooking when the weather is hot but she doesn't mind. She is just a joyful Kitchen complain whatsoever. 

mother & daughter's salad wrap

I don't take advantage of her but I do feel guilty that she would cook a meal for the family without winching. So today I told her that we will create a new meal invention - together:) Neither of us uses recipe in our's all based on what we think it should be. Anyway, our kitchen is never equip with all the ingredients listed in cookbook we never bother to conform with it:)

files of crepe wrap courtesy of my little girl

As she enjoys cooking, I gave her the more difficult task. I told her to come up with the most delicious crepe for a savory dish. and she did. It's so soft, pliable and taste so delicious too! For ingredients, she used flour, salt, kefir, egg and a chopped chives. Mixed to crepe batter consistency. 

my cucumber, tomato, garlic and basil salad

On the other hand, I did the filler for the wrap...maybe we can call it vegetarian popiah or lumpia or spring rolls. doesn't not involve any cooking. I just chop tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic and basil. Together it was mixed with olive oil, vinegar, salt and sugar. Nothing complicated:)

a wrap & a salad mix is a good combination

With our twin was a meal to remember all week. We all wanted more than 3 rolls each but that was all we had:(  oh.... I'm sure there's more to come in the days ahead.

our veggie salad roll

If you entrust home chores to children at a very early age.... you can also share the joy of their being more responsible in life as they grow up. My girl is now very capable in the kitchen....she is at a stage where she can give any dish a twist with success and confidence:) 

Ah...I feel so blessed with my little family... God is good and I'm forever grateful:) Hope you have a blessed day too:)


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  1. A beautiful family! You are so blessed with a daughter that loves to cook. Nice salad wrap.


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