Monday 28 August 2017

Growing in unity

Dear Family & Friends

Every day is party time in our little home....that is...when we can set some free moments. Everyone of us seems to be busy with our individual responsibilities. We all stay at home together and we all work from home...doing paid jobs or non-paid jobs. It's a good thing as it keeps us out of trouble:)  

little party time

The girls used to play with many little toy collections...but gone are those days. They have grown  out of it:( These days, they prefer working at anytime...and they are just as happy. Responsibilities in life makes everyone feel valuable and able!

little assortment of toys the girls used to play with lots of imagination

Today, I felt a bit sad when my girl shared about a village girlfriend who comes with them to the scout group, a few years back...This girlfriend is now hoping for a 'chef' career opportunity but finds it hard to land a job even as a hired helper in the kitchen:( I feel helpless to hear about this kind of situation.

I'm a firm believer that if at all possible, it is best to aim to be an entrepreneur rather than be employed by others... I can't be responsible for every child in the world...but I do feel that every children needs the guidance of the parents in life, so they can stand with confidence in their life's journey. 

Growing the family in unity is utmost important for a successful individual. Falling out with each other - specially with family, friends, or just plain bad idea. You can avoid people if you don't agree with each other but never fall out.

Well, hope you enjoy a lovely day today and the whole week too:)


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