Friday 27 October 2017

creative works done for this week

Dear Family & Friends

We have amazing talented folks in our household that I just have to share with you. Our 15 year old bought a child's skirt on sales. was cheap and she likes the material. Of course it  won't fit her but she wanted to turn it into a blouse for herself! By recycling the material and sew a  blouse she designed herself! She is a genius:)

an off shoulder blouse designed and hand sewn by our 15 years old

She enjoys sketching fashion clothes, she loves to look nice, she is creative and she taught herself to do sewing as well!

our fashion designer modeling her own clothes

What I'm proud of is their attitude in life. My children never demand anything from us... nor are they attracted to the many unnecessary gadgets and stuff that normally children acquire these days. By not having everything is only a good thing, because this is what makes them creative in their ways. 

this is hand stitched, almost like machine sewn:)

Since our old sewing machine is not functioning anymore, she patiently sewn this blouse by hand. She stitched it so neatly that you would think it was done by a sewing machine! Our two girls always makes us proud as their parents:)

working on a mini sink base to be laid on top of a slim cupboard. 

On the other hand, our CEO himself made a work of art! ...built a personalized small kitchen sink unit, using recycled material that a builder's merchant gave him for free. Since we couldn't source a mini-sink to sit on top of a slimline cupboard that we have on hand...we therefore have to design and make our own! 

It's all very exciting in our home with lots of ingenius ideas flying everywhere. Hope you're all having good fun too.



  1. What a very clever young lady, the blouse looks so pretty :D) xx

  2. She is very creative. And she can sews so well and so neat with her hands. And your CEO is creative too! You are indeed blessed!


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