Tuesday 31 October 2017

It's beginning to look like autumn

Dear Family & Friends

Summer seem to have left us sooner than later. With the arrival of almost a week load of rain, all of a sudden, when sunshine came back, we noticed autumn is here. Yikes!.. time is ticking faster than I want it to...I have yet to plant my garlic - all 200 of it for this year!..to keep the vampires out:)

wild fruit trees

I wasn't given any notice by the migrating birds, but I think they have already left and headed back to Africa as they do yearly. Yes, the swallows, the hoopoes and the storks. Their presence usually marks the beginning of spring to beginning of autumn. Bon voyage till we see each other next year again:)

autumn skyline

Our village home is now ready for the change of season. Logs were ordered, an essential  need to keep us warm in the winter. Rather late this year due to many home improvement projects here and there that kept us busy. Thus, we had to pay high price for wet logs:( At least we know we have spare supply to use, as there's still plenty from last year's leftover. Logs are delivered by a lorry who just dumps them by the garage entrance. Then, our little family rallied together to ferry these cut logs with several wheel borrow trips back and forth to our barn in the garden. This year, our neighbor helped in and he got some 'laugh along' and shared a gossip or two.

local forest where logs for winter comes from

There are certain seasonal things we do as time dictates. Our family certainly enjoys these routines together...work for us is fun. I'm proud to say that having well trained our girls, is a great contribution to all the joy we find in life...a fun filled united family is precious.

Hope you are enjoying your week too.



  1. Beautiful pictures!! those migratory birds really fascinate me.. they travel thousands of miles, and reach the correct destinations..

  2. We are having rain here for the past one week. Looks like the rainy season is back.

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