Sunday 15 October 2017

the beginning was an ugly garden

Dear Family & Friends,

In the beginning, our garden was ugly...full of rubbles, brambles, tall self seeded weeds...because it was abandoned for years before we got it.

We got our acts together and tidied up to see what we've got. Not much, but realized it was big enough garden size for us.

We didn't know much about gardening, but we tried our best in what we do and are not afraid to work hard.

Man, woman and children were a family unit, for there was no one else except each other.

On our own, we did vast improvements...and made wise plans. God helped us all along.

We made used of what we have in terms of material resources too.

Another season arrived and we kept plodding on for the job is still going on - steady but surely.

Some of the existing trees needed to be taken out for it was too old and unproductive.

Hard laborious work, but we employed our two hens to help us along. They did a great job too:) Scratching for garden pest, pooping to contribute to the garden's fertility.

Soon, we were ready to plant new fruit trees. We planted a lot of  trees of various kinds.

We also planted small plants, perennials shrubs, herbs, flowering bulbs and we became very confident indeed.

It was a continuous work. Day after day and season after season.

We worked mostly with our own hands.

These days, the garden is completely transformed. The investment we invested in the beginning, the hard work we put in, etc...we are now reaping our rewards.

Our garden is filled with various food that nourishes us without chemical toxins. It's a natural garden where all sorts of garden friends and foes co-exist..everyone contributing, to come up with a balanced ecology - a naturally healthy happy environment.

Every year, the garden gets more and more beautiful and productive in it's own way. It's a happy place to be in. For humans and all creatures great and small:)

Don't be intimidated with hard work for every reward is not far away:) Have a good day.



  1. A beautiful garden and a magnificent harvest is the reward for years of hard work.

  2. building a garden is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Yours is beautiful and your whole family should be proud of what you've achieved!

  3. Wow!! so many figs!!! love it..

  4. So well done. It's incredibly hard work to establish a garden but the rewards are well worth it as you have shown.
    I have the same reaction as Krishna ... so many figs!! Yum ;D) xx


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