Thursday 19 October 2017

the vintage russian bike

Dear Family & Friends

These days people tend to want to throw old thing in exchange for new ones. Perhaps for image reason? In our family, we value things of old. Many years ago, the landlord of the apartment we were renting during the first few years in Bulgaria, kindly gave us their very old Russian bike - Balkan brand. We were happy to have it.

Our old Russian, very heavy and sturdy bicycle

To date, it's my big girl's most favourite bike. She wouldn't want to change it for a new one. It draws a lot of attention from people. Some locals joke that during their great grandparents' day, this bike was their dream goal in life!

Our girls are trained and taught not to conform for no valid reason, nor be swayed by people's thoughts or opinions about them. Both are very confident about themselves: the good moral values they hold that we diligently imparted. They are very capable of thinking outside the box.

to date, the old russian bike is still very much in used:) and well loved too!

In fact this week, our big girl got her first ever job search and interview which she applied for at the newest office business park,  near to our city apartment. She cycled there for her appointment - on her old Russian bike and even managed to park it safely in the business center - guarded by the security guards, of course! :)

Life is good...Hope you have a fun day too.


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