Wednesday 8 November 2017

The making of our personalized kitchen unit design

Dear Family & Friends

Time came when we have to install a kitchen unit for our tiny apartment. There was no suitable kitchen unit sold that would look nice and fit in our tiny space. We had to improvise and design our own...and that's the best part of it! Our brains start working...and creativity comes into place. We had to maximize our given space and the only way is to personalize a design.

a second hand shop that sells all sots of home furnitures and knick knacks - and the cupboard we saw

From a second hand shop, we saw this set of display cupboards...hmmm...not the right colour but it looks the right size for what we have in mind. We told the shop keeper we want them for kitchen unit. He said: 'This is NOT a kitchen unit and NOT a suitable one either.' We said: 'we will make it suitable'...he thought we were crazy but sold it to us for a good price anyway.

the cupboard was bought and in the processed of transformation

We brought it home and dismantled the units. We measured it and we're happy with it's slim line size. The set came with eight separable cupboard units. We only need the four and a half, but the extra units will be put to use somewhere. So, work commenced.

first... it was sanded

The units were sanded by our hard working girl. Then, it was painted over.

worked outside as it needed drying and painted again for a couple of times

Quite a lot of work as we have to have few units done.

the unit is now transported to where it will be assembled

We brought the painted units to the apartment and it fitted perfectly for the given space.

not exactly the sink I wanted but this was our only choice as we need the smallest size

A kitchen unit needs a kitchen sink of course. So we had to look for the smallest kitchen sink we could find. Not much fact there is only one, despite the fact I wanted a decorative printed ceramic basin, yet we had only this choice to take. That will do.

sink base was built to sit on top of the unit

Remember the cupboard was not meant for a kitchen unit. Not the right height to sit a kitchen sink for that matter either. But nothing is impossible. We planned for that ...and that is, to build one!

the cupboard was assembled as our kitchen unit, basically done but the area is still on working progress. 

At this point in time, we assembled it and was pleased with the project. We have yet to further decorate this space...but for now, it is already a functional kitchen unit area:) That second hand display cupboard which we bought for under 150 euros, was redesigned with simple ease and it looks perfect!

see how it fits in perfectly for the given small space? :)

Our main goal was to make this small open space not exactly looking like a we only have this space to use as kitchen, dining area, and lounge...and probably an extra sleeping area when needed! is a challenge when you are only given a very limited area to plan and make it functional and aesthetic for a little family accommodation....but there's always a way.

There's more to come on our never ending and ongoing home and apartment projects... but that is for another day as we keep reaching our mile stone. For now, I wish you a good week - as always.



  1. Fantastic! I love it! Well done on every level.

  2. You and family are so creative and its amazing how you all improvise and re-create cupboards and furniture to fit into your limited space. It is worth all the hard work!

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