Saturday 4 November 2017

Say hello to Gashti

Dear Family & friends

Our old Swiss Apenzella rooster has not been looking well, he's been with us for a long time and is considered to be very old by now. The last time I saw him, he was dust bathing under our peach tree. Just few hours later, he went missing. We never saw him again. Did he flew out past our garden walls? What happened to him? We asked around our neighborhood...he'll easily be identified because he is a beautiful decorative rooster...but we never saw our rooster Lindt again:(

this is Gashti - a little chick rooster going on peep peep peep!

In our village, everyone looks out for each other - the locals are very caring in their own ways. A village grandfather told the girls not to worry, as he would like to give them a decorative rooster from his flock as a replacement gift.

Today, the grandfather knocked at our door, with a little rooster under his arms. He said to the girls: 'Look, this rooster wears a special knickers/pants ... a long one down to his knees:)'. The rooster got long feathers frilling around to the top of his feet. You can imagine it to be similar to 'the begone underwear' that people used  to wear in olden days:D So we call our rooster  'Gashti' - which means underwear:)
see the extra feathers frilling on his feet?

It's such a beautiful sunny autumn's day... I got to go back and plant some more garlic...another 50 more and that makes 200 garlic bulbs planted! When you plant in good bulbs, they normally all grow well. Garlic is worth planting as it's an expensive health food. So, if each garlic bulb produces around 10 cloves each...that would be 2000 cloves to eat next year! Ha ha! I can't one will dare come near me by then - that will truly be a peaceful living:D

Here's good wishes for your day and have a lovely week too.



  1. That's so nice.. people in your village are really caring..

  2. Congratulations with Gashti, hope he will join you for years.

  3. You live in a beautiful community Annie. Gashti is very handsome :D)

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