Friday 22 December 2017

It's OK to go for natural gardening

Dear Family & Friends

My 'critique' will not really like to hear this. The fact that I don't go out to work to earn a penny, but chose to stay at home to give the best care for the unity and well being of my, I'm finding more and more lazy way out of gardening too:)

globe artichokes are happy with the old plant debrie that are left on ground as mulch

Over the last years, I've decided to go for natural gardening, which basically means I chose not to work but let nature take it's course as much as possible. I don't till my garden as it is not necessary. I don't clean up my garden as my goal is to allow the soil to build the fertility on it's own - and that's the job of the soil microbes. My biggest responsibility is just to keep up with the harvesting.

presence of mushrooms appears on undisturbed soil

If I am less engrossed with our big garden, that frees me to do other work interest. I do believe that God created us to enjoy work. Our little family all loves it - when we get lots of work! It's what keeps us going. We remind each other that, if we don't work, we also shouldn't eat. Thus, we all love eating too!

Hope you have a fun and cool day to chill out as well:)


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