Monday 22 January 2018

It's A New Week - A New Start

Dear Family & Friends

It's January and supposed to be the coldest month of our winter season...but so far I can say it has been so mild compared to last year. We really can't complain about this. The bitter cold freeze came a couple of weeks late. For one of us who has to commute to work, beautiful days alway comes as blessing and incentive.

Monday morning can be a drag, but not on a beautiful shiny day:)

Our big girl stays in our city apartment for four weekdays only. She always look forward to Fridays' when  she comes back to our village home for the long weekend. By Monday morning, she takes the train or public bus from our village back to her city workplace.

On her way to catch the train to work...
Here she is walking to the train station. But on her way, she took the time to enjoy the beautiful sunny morning.
but something caught her attention and she took her camera out...

She stopped half way - to capture the beautiful scenery of where we live with her camera that she always takes around with her.

She stopped to take photo from this point.

And this is what she saw. Yes! We do live in a beautiful country, where peace and quiet abound. Surrounded by mountains on all four corners of the country, though they are far away, yet they're all visible for us to see. At this time, we note that it's peak are well covered in snow.

Can you see the mountain yonder covered with white coating of snow?

Well, this girl should hurry herself up...she got the train to catch and can't afford to be late for work as our train only comes by once every hour.

I myself have to get back to some of my routine housework...So, I wish you a good day and a productive week too.



  1. Lovely pictures!! I love the way you describes the pictures..

  2. You do live in a beautiful place! Love the scenery your big girl took!

  3. It is a blessing to feel the sun. Hope the weather is kinder ahead. Love the photos especially your girl's shadow.


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