Thursday 18 January 2018

plants grown in many different ways

Dear Family & Friends

While we hear some parts of Europe are having extremely early winter snow, one day I came out to the garden to be greeted with a very strange warm air... but not to be deceived, it's not gardening time as we are at the start of winter season! Thus, I just start thinking of the many different ways I garden.

Sometime ago, I threw a lot of beetroot and chard seeds onto the garden since I've gathered more than enough seeds from last year's growth. Some of them have now sprouted but until they are a bit bigger, I can't really tell if they are beetroot or chard. One of the disadvantage if you garden on adhoc way. My excuse is because I love gardening the natural way:)

beetroots sprouted after I threw seeds on ground in random way

On some days, I would transplant my plants in orderly manner. I love the rows of globe artichokes and they are happy where I locate them. Their leaves are grand and elegant...but wait till you see their big majestic blooms in the summer to come:)

globe artichoke is a very beautiful perennial plant to have in the garden

Still there are some plants in the garden that are not ordered by me at all. They establish and grow themselves. I saw this cluster of mushroom and I think they are so pretty too. I'm not sure they will stay there for much longer. I'm so surprised to see them at this time. I think it is because they found a more sheltered place amongst the undergrowth.

Another beautiful creation you can see in our garden - mushrooms

I don't have any plants on container as they require more watering attention...but I have this tub of  garlic sprout simply because I was curious if I could grow the garlic seeds that I gathered this year when they started flowering and developed into seeds. As you can see, they are easily grown from seeds too...but I'm not sure if they will give us good size garlic bulbs next year. We will have to wait and see.

garlic grown from a flower seed - they're very tiny as seeds were just the size of a grain of rice

When possible, I must admit that I won't hesitate sowing seeds in trays and transplant them onto the garden plot once it's bigger. This way, the little plants are less susceptible from being eaten by slugs and snails too.

these argula were presown on seed tray and transplanted onto the garden plot

As I cleared and sorted my seed collection, with so many extra seeds, I decided to throw away a mix selection onto my garden soil - my way of sowing seeds. I'm not sure if it's the right time, but who am I to say what nature could do as a favor, since most of my plants are self seeding themselves. I also don't mind them all mixed up in random way - resulting a most natural garden.

Wishing you a happy day:)


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  1. I can imagine how early winter is this year.
    When we visited Japan end of November it wasn't suppose to snow but so many snow when we were in the Northern region.
    Many cars weren't prepared yet as they haven't change their tyres for the snowy ones.
    But it was luck for the kids as it was their first experience with snow.

    I can imagine how beautiful and how the bees will love it when the globe artichoke bloom in summer.


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