Wednesday 3 January 2018

There's more good things in store for 2018

Dear Family & Friends

Festivities came and went. For us, we didn't have the sense to join the many traditional practices. We did our way: chilled out and just had some of our unique family fun time as we always do - no pressure whatsoever in conforming everyone else. We ate what we wanted to eat and took advantage of slowing down as we have been hectic with so many things for the past months.

These calendula are the last of all the flowers to give color to our garden before hard winter freeze - and they're still fighting till present - to stay:)

So many blessings came our way last year, and with it, so many works to work on too. For years, both of our girls had always been hard working on their home schooling, language interest, projects they venture into, part time work they did from home etc... as part of their routine living. 

Then, all of a sudden, the oldest one decided to try out applying for jobs for the first time (she speculated on two different companies). experienced job interviews, and both companies immediately offered her a job almost at the same time, of which she could only take one of them. 

As a foreigner, she had to do extra processing of legal paper works needed for employment, and managed to do it all own her own. To top it up, she also enrolled on driving school all at the same time. Life became so hectic for her that she had to drop her part time earning job she used to do from home and handed it over to her younger sister.

although never been to school, yet our girls taught themselves foreign languages - thus here is a written cyrillic translated cake recipe as requested for by our neighbor

For the fifteen year old younger sister, it was a bonus. She just wanted to do more jobs in addition to what she is already doing. Both girls just loves work challenges. At her young age, she wants to get employment too, having been earning a small keep from home since she was 13. But, we think she won't pass the legal age requirement for company work. Yet, towards the end of the year, she managed to get registered with a company for some freelance job opportunity. She was so pleased. 

As they avail themselves for more opportunities, another business opportunity opened up for them. Both girls boldly took the chance of cleaning maintenance for two apartment blocks (one of them being our apartment block). They got the job contract. It's just a once a week (1hr) job for them to keep and maintain the communal area of the building - but they wanted to do it, not for the meager money, but more for the exercise and probability that it will lead them to a bigger  business entrepreneur later.

a home is a good place to rear and teach your children everything they need to know for a successful living

The way we brought up these two girls - by handing them responsibilities through their homeschooling and just being part of a working family from the beginning- they are trained never to be afraid of work . Even now, they know they prefer to start their own business venture rather than work for a company. As parents we are slowly guiding them to achieve what they want to venture into, but a day at a time. We will support them as always and we are all excited what this new year will bring.

Just a journal update to keep, but I hope and wish that you and yours will believe and keep working for there's also more good things in store ahead of you too:) Happy new year to you:)


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  1. There is no 2nd thought about your upbringing to your both daughters. They are just perfect kids any parents want.They are studying, doing job too, and i am sure they will great success in their business too. All he very best to you and your angels.
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