Wednesday 7 February 2018

Garden Dormancy

Dear Family & Friends

What's in my garden at this time? Well, my vegetables beds are filled with just 50% full of overwintering vegetables varieties. Despite the frozen solid ground, plants are just sitting there without any growth progress.

here's my brassica plants planted last autumn - they haven't grown much over the winter...

There's a lot of garlic planted in autumn too - they're also waiting for spring to speed up...

Rows and rows of onions - also waiting for a warmer weather to come

well, this is not a plant but our underground water pump system - also on hold for the winter season

likewise our outside garden water tap - all bundled up to avoid a burst pipe due to water freeze

It's not going to be long now, the dormant to semi dormant state in the garden will soon come back to life. There's a season for everything. In life, we have to be patient and at the same time expecting:) Enjoy your day!



  1. Here winter has just started too. Last week spring was in the air but now frost has come in, soil is frozen, may be we can skate within a few days.

  2. Hello Annie, yes I can see your garden is just marking time until that change comes :D)

  3. Looking forward to see your garden plants starting to grow in spring. Over here the weather is getting hotter with less rain.


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