Sunday, 11 February 2018

How To Be A Loser

Dear Family & Friends

If you have noticed, I've been writing a lot about ways to encourage you to be successful in life. It's part of my everyday support for my little family here. If it is beneficial to us here, it's always in by heart that you all benefit from it too.

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Today, I thought you might be tired reading about becoming sucesssful. So, I am going to teach you how to be a loser this time.

My first tip is: Only give the bare minimum to your work - never offer anything more. come to work at the last minute and leave at the first minute. Waste as much time as possible during the day.

Tip number two: Don't have any goals for the future. Because if you have no goals,you don't have any direction, and you have no future and will always have other people tell you what to do all the time. you will always be the lower person taking orders from people who have goals in life.

My last tip for today is: Be very poor at your work and never improve - do only the amount necessary so that you won't get fired. Never aspire to be known that you are good at your work. Just be the lowest level contributor. Complain about your boss, your company, your co workers - how they're no good, they're holding you back, how they are the reason why you are not successful.

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To further hammer it all in: Please don't manage your time well. Don't do anything that is of value, Never ever plan your day, just do whatever comes or happens during the day.
Be a great criticism - criticize yourself and others too. Do a fast job of destroying any relationship. Never aim for good relationship. that way, if you have children, your children would never be happy, if you have spouse - he will never be happy and you will never have anyone like you.

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Well, these are all heavy and tough ideas...but if that's what you want in life:  to be the greatest loser on earth...then, this will certainly be the ultimate guideline that would surely work.

Grumps - hump..... I'm not even going to end with 'have a good day wishes - for a change.


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