Tuesday 27 February 2018

Harvesting whatever the garden gives

Dear Family & Friends

The truth is, I'm not really that strong and fit to look after our garden. Digging to bare minimum,  and letting nature take most of it's course, is the only way I could do and maintain things in our garden. I wasn't born a 'wonder woman'. But, you don't need to be one, to have a productive and beautiful garden. Let me show you what funny things could happen in the garden without my involvement!

self seeded argula in the grass lawn pathway

My green salad loving girls find that when my purposely planted leafy greens are bare after being harvested for the nth time... they just had to walk to the grassy pathway and even there, they could find healthy looking argula greens growing together with the grasses. Fortunately for the argula plant, I don't cut grasslawn... I just tread on them, to keep it flat for maintenance.... Afterall, we don't even own a lawn mower for this job!!

self seeded kale

Although I failed to grow enough winter greens, I found that somewhere in the garden, there's always one that grew itself. It could be self seeded kale, cabbage leaves or other brassicca plant. They all more or less makes delicious winter greens...as long you're not fuzzy looking for a specific variety.

chinese parsley

Likewise with the self seeding herbs. Parsley in particular will just find itself to grow anywhere in our garden. I sometimes get mixed up with another parsley looking herb...same leafy look but with a  stronger taste...I think it is a coriander. We like them all. Every herb gets the privilege of growing where they want to grow when it comes to my garden landscaping scheme.

chives making a new comeback as we move on to spring time

As I look around, I also see chives shooting up...there's so many of them everywhere but they are good food that we enjoy. Even if we can't consume it all, they are very pretty to grow and they always come back every year without any attention or given care and produces beautiful flowers.

I can see myself gardening with joy even if I'll be too old and crooked in form...there's a technique to it - go for natural gardening:) I'm going out for a while to enjoy another sunny time in the garden, but not too long, it's a bit windy for a whimp! Hope you enjoy your day too.



  1. other than the last few days where it has been very cold, it hasnt been cold enough to stop the grass from growing here. I have a human powered lawn cutter. an old fashioned one. The Mr found it at the dump/tip the blades were clogged with grass. They cost quite a lot of money new. for £3 and a bit of a clean up and oil it works lovely. Our garden is very over grown, we are slowly cleaning it up. brambles everywhere.

    1. In UK you can find 'still in good use' unwanted things thrown away:( - Fortunate for those we retrieve them and find good use for free. I don't think people easily throw things like that here. We once bought one of those manual lawn mower (a cheap & cheerful one:() ...it kept dropping it's bolt and screw and one day we didn't managed to find where it dropped. We went to shops to get it fixed but never managed to make it workable again. Thus we concluded manicured grass lawn is not for us. Hope spring comes to your garden soon and everything will be very beautiful as I can only imagine.

  2. I always love your garden, how the way it is..


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