Saturday 3 March 2018

Creating a pathway under the grapevine arbor

Dear Family & Friends,

My husband has been impressed with my growing lavender specially as I managed to fulfill his wishes of lining a garden path with rows of lavender thru propagating and multiplying our existing bush. I think it's not because of green thumb, but because we got the suitable variety for our area.

A new variety of lavender plant

Some 3 years ago, I bought another lavender plant variety to add to our garden, but this one is not doing as well as our other lavender. It's still alive...but not really putting much growth! A proof that challenges are within our garden too. 

a new pathway under the grapevine that leads all the way to a shed

We have a few changes and add ons that we want to do outside our home like: building a sunroom on the southside and a tiny porch on the west side, although we're not sure if we could do these projects this year. In preparation, I started and went ahead with creating another pathway that will go through under our grapevine arbor area, should we proceed with our plan. My new pathway is nothing posh, and it was so quick to set up:)

rosemary plant can make a nice garden hedge

The new pathway leads to the tiny mud shed and to the south side garden entrance. I plan to plant and put in some plant structure in this area. I'm thinking more of perennial and evergreen plants that will remain attractive all year - one that grows easily too. Perhaps I'll make a Rosemary hedges and plant a variegated vinca plant as ground cover under this arbor.

vinca with varigated leave is evergreen all through the year

With no budget involved, I will have to start digging some plants to propagate and multiply for this purpose. Spring will prove to be a busy time...but I'm looking forward to do this project:)

garden area under the grape arbor will be a new project for this year

Being kept inside the house for most of the winter season, it's time to get a dose of sunshine and resolve the state of the anaemic self! Gardening is just the right solution for this. So I'm off to do a little bit of that today. Hope you are staying healthy and happy too.


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  1. wow!! I never know the I can propane lavender through cuttings.. beautiful garden..


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