Saturday 3 February 2018

Winter Food In The Garden

Dear Family & Friends

Every year the garden yields and gives us food to eat. We really prefer to eat what we grow in our own garden because there's nothing better than that. But I can't guarantee I can do it perfectly. Some years there is just so much of certain veggie and on another year we're out of it.

Grateful for rosemary bushes - so good to flavor cooked food and use for herbal tea too.

This winter season, we don't have many greens to harvest from our garden. I failed to get the right timing in growing my winter veggies. All I can say, I will have to do it better this year.

By now our kale plant seem to be out of leaves as we keep on harvesting it

My girls constantly want fresh salad leaves from our garden...but as winter arrives, there's not much to gather anymore. Most plant slows down their growth at this time of the year.

parsley is frequently harvest to sprinkle on top of our dishes as it's rich in vitamin C

I have learned that I should grow more hardy winter plants and herbs... it's always nice to be able to get some fresh herbs for winter teas and this is very beneficial for our bodies to keep warm and healthy.

my big sage bush is constantly picked on for tea drink to soothe sore throat

As soon as the weather permits, I will have to get my acts together and start growing more plants to fill our garden. So, it's time to propagate and multiply my existing food plants.

All for now...hope you are also enjoying your garden and are encouraged to get more fun out of it too:)


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