Wednesday 7 March 2018

Lottery win found in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

As the sunshines and bringing with it a warmer temperature, I was really excited to go around the garden to see new developments I am missing. Well, not much...but I still managed to notice some new things!

catkins of a hazelnut tree

We planted two hazelnut trees five years ago, since nuts are good and expensive food source. Making nut trees worth growing. But our hazel nut trees doesn't seem to show us good promises for years. Then, for the first time this year, I saw some interesting thing on our tree - catkins!! It's the male flower of probably, it's going to produce some fruits this year!

male flower is called catkins

It takes so little in life to give me great joy. I didn't know the presence of catkins on our hazelnut tree would be one of them! Probably the same joy when one wins a lottery?

new sprout on a propagated rose branch

As I continue with my garden inspection, I've also noticed that the climbing red rose I rooted from our existing rose plant have also taken off with new shoots. Another big smiley on my face as I dream that in due time, the water well area would have a rose dome roof to shelter me from summer heat as I manually draw buckets of water for the garden:) !!

winter look of a fig tree - very naked and cold:(

Since I planted one of the fig trees away from a sheltered wall, I always check on this one after the winter season because figs don't really like to be exposed to harsh cold temperature. It's on it's third year, so far so good as it gets established. I should stop my anxiety over it. I think I can now replace  it with another smiley face:)

Life can be one big lottery win... just go and find the daily joy to live with. Hope you are keeping joyful too:)


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