Monday, 19 March 2018

Earn what you are really worth of

Dear Family & Friends

Our 15 year old girl terribly wants to have a full time job just like her 20 years old sister. If it is only possible, she would not hesitate. But being employed is not exciting as it sounds. In fact, we hear the occasional groaning and moaning from our employed girl. She is only sticking to her first job because it is still an opportunity for her to learn something while she is sorting what she really wants instead.

It is true that you are to earn what you are really worth of. You have to be in the right job. Most people should be earning more than they should be earning these days, but they are doing the wrong thing,  in the wrong place, and they need to do a change.

Sometimes you can earn more, by just walking across the street, to get a new job in your special town, using your special skills to get more valuable result for a given employer. or even start your own business. Remember, everything in life is results.

This is a challenging time to be out in the job market and working to survive and thrive....and it is not going to get better in the years to come. However, despite of the challenges of the economy, there's countless challenges that you can turn into opportunities....specially for people like you who could find and create jobs to earn more than they ever did before, and do them.

The first key of course is to do your homework. and here are 3 very simple steps to start with:
  1. prospecting - create a thorough search or lead for potential job you possibly can. This is vital.
  2. presenting - arrange to meet and make a presentation to prospective employer, to sell your potential
  3. follow up - for the very best opportunity until you get the job you want.

Now, this is another teaching I'm sharing with you which was shared with our family unit recently. Hope you will find it of benefit too. Wishing you a good week:)


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  1. This is a lovely post about turning challenges into opportunities! Beautiful flowers from your garden!


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