Thursday, 15 March 2018

Spring Holiday Weekend at the Mountains

Dear Family & Friends

Our day started with a very nice sunny day. By 9 am we head towards our mountain destination for a weekend treat - to get a break from our usual daily works...but most of all, a family time together and specially coinciding it as birthday celebration for our 16 year old girl:) 

winding roads as we head up the mountain route

The mountain peaks are still covered in snow, but down the base, it's all clear and just a perfect day to travel. After winding upwards towards the peak, we faced snow piles but the roads were cleared. When we reached the summit - the highest peak, the road suddenly turned bumpy with lots of pot holes. The winter freeze and melting snow created water ran off, ruining the roads. For 10 kilometers we had to drive carefully, slowing our travel time for at least 30 minutes. 

breakfast  coffee to keep me awake!

Soon, we were descending down the mountains, onto the other side of the mountain. The road got better and the snow piles disappeared. Winding up and down the mountain is tough for our birthday on our way back, we took another alternative route. We passed the mountain barriers through four tunnels underneath. Unlike some western european countries, in Bulgaria, these facilities are free - no toll charge whatsoever for it's use. 

buffet dinner and breakfast all inclusive

Our hotel resort destination for the weekend is literally surrounded by tall mountains - it's an awesome sight! It was a nice time for our family...lots of swimming sessions, cycling around a big lake by the hotel premise, a game of complimentary bowling, and we literally indulged in our dinner buffet and another breakfast buffet with wide and good selection of food. 

a lace of waterfall wall on both sides grace the stairway

It was just one lazy and relaxing time. We had two big comfortable ensuite bedrooms,but for most of the time, our two young ladies pop in our room and all four of  us fit in the bed to watch a documentary film on screen! Being together is what we enjoy the most in life - no matter where we are:) That's what brings much happiness to our little family.

a big lake behind the hotel premise

After our weekend long holiday, we are now ready to get back to our individual daily routine work. Life is not about indulgence, but a refreshing time is also good for our well being:)

I wish you happy spring time season just like what we have here - if not - better:)


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  1. That's beautiful.. relaxing getaway.. And Happy birthday to your sweetie pie..


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