Thursday 10 May 2018

Create a micro climate to grow some exotic plants

Dear Family & Friends

There's so many exotic food that I can only dream of as it can't be bought or be found here. I'm not one to be defeated, so I set a goal to grow them if I could. Climate is usually one factor that's makes it all a big challenge. 

one of my exotic plant veggie that I treasure a lot:)

Not everything will grow easily unless you plant native plants, but with patience and a little bit extra care and attention, I find that we can grow some tropical plants by creating a micro-climate in the garden. 

my precious kang kong or water spinach grown in pots

The easiest way is to develop a natural garden. Plant trees, in layers which includes shrubs, down to ground covering plants. Aim to protect soil from moisture makes a lot of difference to the surrounding area.

some plants are started in pots to assure they get more care before transplant onto the ground

Every year our garden grows dense as I allow nature to have a say in how I garden. I noticed a lot of insect species taking residence in our garden and they all contribute their labour as fair exchange. I also noticed a lot of bird species - day birds and night birds. I learned to identify them by the call they make. To see all these creatures in our garden - simply brings a lot of joy.

luffa growing on trellis for cosmetic use or for food!

As for growing some of my exotic veggies...I noticed that some of them can be grown successfully in parts of my garden as I provide a micro-climate to aid them a bit.

my polyculture vegetable plot - with veggies, flowers and herbs all together

It's been so pleasant to do gardening chores for the moment, although it can be tough on an old body...but gardening is still the most therapeutic activity there is. So, I hope you are enjoying your garden too. Wishing you a good day.



  1. Wow!! you did an amazing job .. it is difficult to grow to those plants which are not accustom to the climate..

  2. Your garden is very fruitful under you care and love. I love kangkong too!


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