Saturday 5 May 2018

The garden is getting Mad-er

Dear Family & Friends

If your garden looks like everyone's garden, it is not they say:) Well, in that case, my garden is certainly mine:) There's a mix match of colours, mix match of vegetables and flowers in certain areas and most of all, weeds were allowed to grow too! There's lots of beneficial garden creatures, along with garden pest - good looking or ugly, they all got the right to live in my garden!

plants, insects -  all co-exist together happily

Our neighbor insist that we go and look at her spring gardening accomplishment. Her garden is a typical well kept garden, absolutely clean - not a weed in sight, all veggie plots are lined so straight with seedlings of just carrots popping up! I'm impressed, how she have the strength to clean up her garden and soil  -exposing it to sun and wind. Then she taught me that her secret weapon is the chemical spray - :(  !! I left her garden with a very heavy heart:(

every plant finds it's space

At least in the four walls of my garden, creatures - whether friends or foes are all dancing in joy. At the moment, the silver dollar plant seems to be dominating the space with it's intense coloring, sometimes too painful to glare at. In between everything, the spring bulb flowers of tulips and daffodils are tailing off, yet their leaves are still happy to be amongst the rest of the flower bushes, as they still need to get and store food into the bulb for next year's performance once again.

silver dollar plant with it's intense color and butterflies loves it:)

Although I allow weeds to grow in my garden, yet from time to time, I still have to maintain (to some extend) their numbers. Some of them can be very aggressive and would dominate and suffocate the rest of the more vulnerable plant. I find a lot of vine weeds coming up and it's beyond my strength to eradicate it, but if I meet it's roots, I normally pull them out to control them a bit.

curly wurly roots of the vine weeds

There's a lot of things to do in the garden but at least the weather is still pleasant to compensate the long hours that I need to do the work. I also see to it that I stop for a little break in between to appreciate everything. I let my imagination run wild thinking of all the food and fruits to come, as I look at the blossoming garden. It's going to be another fruitful year.

every flower pollinated by the bees on this tree will turn into a cherry fruit

With my small battery pack capacity and a garden that is big enough for a tiny woman, gardening is the hardest chore but it's one of my most favourite thing to keeps me going!!

I must go back to  my work and I'm leaving good wishes to you - for a lovely week:)



  1. I think your way of gardening is mine. Silver dollar plant is also a favorite of mine, love them especially together with tulips. Weeds are no problem, but I try to keep them within the limits.

  2. Gardening is the hardest chore I agree with you.. and I also hate chemicals, that's why I always struggle to keep everything is order in the garden..


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