Sunday, 24 June 2018

A Joyful Place - Under The Grape Arbour

Dear Family & Friends

If there's any fruit that I'm scared of eating because of chemical spray - it's the grapes. In our village, everyone has grapes growing in their garden - and I'm afraid to admit that everyone is also spraying their grapevine to have a good harvest. The chemical spray stick to each fruit and it's very difficult to wash off as it's bunched up in clusters. YIKES!

The head gardener under the grape arbour

For the past years, our grapes were never as good looking as any of the villagers' - but I insist on growing everything in our garden on natural basis. No toxin for consumption. Recently, I start feeding our plants with my homemade comfrey tea. It smells 'poohwee', but it's the best natural fertilizer there is! What a big difference it made to our grape vine too:)

a very healthy looking leaves, tendrils and so many forming fruit clusters too

If a plant is strong and healthy, no pest will likely attack it. Our grapevines are promising very good harvest this year - even with no chemical spray applied! The leaves are huge, and the grapes forming in clusters are big and abundant too! Even the tendrils are so robust and healthy!

a dense canopy to be sheltered in under the intense summer heat

With the dozen of grapes lined up in this arbour, I enjoy this part of the garden. To just sit under it's shaded canopy is a real treat. I get to enjoy the company of hundreds of busy tiny mason bees as they continue on pollinating each flower clusters:) The humming sound is so soothing.

Yes, it is possible to grow grapes without having to spray and still enjoy abundance. The secret is to just prune it hard and feed them with comfrey tea as they grow:) 

Hope you are enjoying your day outside too.



  1. Beautiful photos.
    Thank you for your advice on using comfrey tea for the grapes :D)

  2. I like those roses too!

    All the best Jan


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