Tuesday 19 June 2018

Our Lavender Pathway

Dear Family & Friends

Every year we enjoy the beautiful fragrance of lavender bushes in our garden. Each year it gets even more productive as it gets bigger and bigger. With their presence, the garden is just so busy with fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees of all sorts. It's all day party out there:)

This is about a metre wide lavender bush

From year to year, I collect lavender flowers to dry and put into sachet...but I've got one too many already. I think this year I will have a break and just use it as part of our garden mulch. Once the blooms are over and all our garden bees and butterflies are fed, we will prune the bushes and a second smaller flower flush will come up again later.

the front row lavender bushes are older and the back rows are catching up in size too

Having planted many lavender bushes all around the garden makes a spectacular sight to look forward to every summer and the garden smells so lovely too:)

lavender bushes surrounds me in my temporary working area where I start seed sowing 

Two years ago, I planted two rows of lavender to form a pathway in our garden, leading to the vegetable garden area. It didn't took long and slowly, it's forming a long hedge as planned. The best thing with lavender bushes is that it doesn't require much care. No watering needed but a hard pruning is important, once the bloom is over to maintain a healthy and robust shaped bushes.

our lavender pathway hedge that leads us to the veggie garden

My husband still insist that I keep growing more bushes- What?! More?! If I can think of more space to fill, perhaps I would. For now, we are all happy with them.

Gardening is so rewarding chore. Hope you are encouraged with yours too.



  1. Such beautiful lavender Annie. Your bees must be delighted!
    Dried, it is a lovely addition to chicken nesting material as are other herbs. I do this occasionally and the smells are really nice :D)

    1. Thanks Sue...Never thought about this but it sounds great:) I'll definitely take on this pampering treat for our chickens this year.

  2. Your lavender looks beautiful.

    All the best Jan


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