Saturday, 9 June 2018

Hanging a scroll and cabinet curtains

Dear Family & Friends

A few years back, we went to visit a cousin in the UK and she took me to see her brother-in-law's family.  I always remember their kindness when they set up a big impromptu special hot pot meal that day. It was truly special. Then, I was also given this Chinese scroll which he personally wrote. For years I kept it as it was not possible to hang it up in our home. Lately, we found - just the special spot and a perfect place for this special scroll in our apartment:)

my special chinese scroll gift

Likewise, this week we finally got to hang up my hand stitched curtain I sew for our homemade kitchen cupboard too.

our own designed kitchen cupboard

We bought this second hand cabinet set but it was not meant for kitchen fitting. Since we saw it to be the most potential one for our given tiny space, we adapted it to our needs. The open shelves doesn't conceal much of our stored stuff....but it wasn't a big problem. I simply hand sewed a curtain for it...and in minutes...we got the perfect solution. :)

with just a very simple hand sew curtain, it makes all the difference

Decorating our tiny apartment is a long process for us. We take time, we make things, and slowly we see everything coming together perfectly. I think that's important of all, enjoying our input together as part of family fun.

We still got a few more bits to finish here and there, but no rush, that's for another day again.

Wishing you a good day too.


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