Thursday, 14 June 2018

It's cherry season in our garden

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Cherries are very beautiful fruit trees. Before we get it's fruits, the trees will exhibit beautiful blooms - the spring time cherry blossoms. It smells so good and bees literally gets drunk in their frenzy.

spring time cherry blossoms

Like the plum trees, some of the cherry trees bear fruits in late spring to early summer, while others will deliver it's fruit much later in the summer.

flowers developed into fruits

We have a few cherry trees in the garden. Some are of sweet variety while others are sour cherries. The sweet cherry is much prefered, but sour cherries are also good for baking, juicing and turning into compote.

our harvest yield

When it's cherry season, the initial harvest is such a welcome, but subsequently, after eating a lot of  it, the fruit acidity can sometimes be too much. Thus, we end up preserving or freezing to enjoy them once again, when the season is over.

ready to eat fruits
The sun is getting fierce as summer sets in. A glass of homemade sour cherry juice is much needed these days to keep hydrated. We don't have a juicer machine, but there's no need for one, as we just pit a few cherries into a glass, smash it with spoon and top it up with cold water.

Hope you are enjoying your day too.


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