Tuesday, 31 July 2018

happy food for a happy family

Dear Family & Friends

It is very important to me that our little family is united. We love and prefer to be with each other - every time and anytime. We support each other, we feel each other's pain, and we all help each other. I think that how it should be. Our big girl lives in the city apartment during the week because it's convinient for her work situation, but she just can't wait for weekend or before that, to be back in our village home because it means we're all together again:)

 one simple but happy food we enjoy in our family

Life is very simple for us. At home, nothing is complicated. My cooking is always plain because I only prefer easy and uncomplicated dish. Anyway, it's nothing to do with delicious meal...it's all about happy food - and our outlook in life.

sometimes our food gets extra special but not usually...

Food makes my little family happy - yes, just any food will do as long as we are all together in one little home.

Hope you are enjoying your family too.



  1. Happy to hear about your family unity. Keep going! We are living in one city, we used to visit our parents monthly once and that would be a wonderful day for us. We used to spend most of our time talking to them eating etc... It would be a wonderful time.
    Yummy food:)

  2. A happy family is a great one to belong too where family members eagerly look forward to return. Your happy meal looks healthy and delicious.


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