Sunday 5 August 2018

journeying home and bringing good news

Dear Family & Friends

Our oldest daughter have been doing weekly back and forth journey from the city to our village home - using public transport.  The journey from the city back to our village home is her happiest one. Due to responsibility, she nevertheless brave the journey to the city without complain. For this, I admire her the most because she perseveres quietly.

you can watch the countryside beauty on your slow train journey

She has two options for transportation: either by taking the smelly and stuffy public bus transport or  take the  less frequent, slow but empty train ride. 

inside the slow moving train carriage

It's not a bullet train by any the train runs on very old rails that really needs to be upgraded. Yet, if you ask me, I really don't mind the slow motion. It also comes with an equally slow humming chug-a chug train noise and slight swaying as it travels on. It's a soothing experience!!

our public train carriages are never crowded

Coming back home on a train is always a happy one..but there's this 'one day' which became an 'extra happy' one:)

green meadow field by the train station

Getting off from the train, she starts walking by a big expanse of green field covered with low growing meadow. It's a five minutes walk from the station to our home and she was bringing the good news we were all anxious of - yes...the Friday driving test she took that day was a success! We were all so very happy for her. 

the ticket with date issued when you can later collect the official driving license!

It will be a month, when her official driving license will be finalized. She will then be eligible to drive a car...That means, she will now have the option to use public transport or take the car for better convenience:)

Times like this is one of our family's joy. To celebrate, we went out to share a simple pizza time in town:)  Hope you are having a joyful day too!


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  1. Congrats to your girl on passing the driving test! What an exciting time for everyone in the family!


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